Saturday, 31 January 2015

Is NMAP really the best PORT Scanner ?

 Nmap aka "Network Mapper" is a free and open source tool for network discovery and security auditing. The tool came into existence through the work of Mr.Gordon Lyon, whom we also know as "Fyoodor". I have a huge respect for Mr.Fyoodor for his help to the open source and security community.
Everyone in the security community who has something to do with security testing has used this wonderful tool known as "Nmap", but is Nmap the best port scanner available ?

Recently, I was engaged in a penetration testing assignment, I was using Nmap for scanning ports but the results I was getting from Nmap and a Free Online Scanner were different.
The free online scanner was giving out more results which I could validate using different scripts from different places.
I found that Nmap,is lacking behind in terms of  "Scripts".
The Scripts database hasn't been updated from a long time.

so, the next time you are making a port-scan just consider using other port-scanners as well to get better results.


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